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HALO-Assist in the emergency center

HALO-Assist is a simple integration of Microsoft Remote Assist into the University Emergency Center at Inselspital Bern, enabling seamless communication and collaboration between physicians. The app enables the integration of infrequent medical professionals to provide immediate assistance and expertise when needed, ensuring optimal patient care at all times. Despite its simplicity, the app holds significant potential for further use cases and enhancements. Through HALO-Assist, information, annotations, and instructions on how to perform rare but potentially life-saving procedures are provided to the physician in the field.

Project goals

  • Creating a seamless communication and collaboration platform for physicians
  • Providing immediate assistance and expertise from rare medical professionals (live coaching)
  • Ensure optimal patient care around the clock
  • Identify potential for future use cases and enhancements

    Benefits: Evaluate extended reality in serious injury care.

    • Improved patient care through rapid access to expertise and support
    • More efficient communication and collaboration between physicians
    • Increase safety and quality when performing rare medical procedures
    • Ability to bring in experts for live coaching to achieve optimal results
    • Long-term flexibility to adapt and expand the system to meet different medical needs

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