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What is XR?
MR, XR, VR, AR, 360°?

XR stands for Extended Reality: Digital experiences that combine real and virtual environments in varying degrees of intensity. However, the "X" can also be seen as a substitution for V(R), A(R) or M(R). In Virtual Reality (VR), the user experiences a completely digital, virtual world while in Augmented Reality (AR), digital objects are displayed in a real environment. Between these two extremes, Mixed Reality plays the role of both. In the MR model digital content interacts with the physical environment merging real and virtual realities.


Benefits of process integration
Example timber construction

A practical example of the use of this technology.
It is crucial that the digital information and functions are where the user needs them (not on a tablet or paper), but directly in the room. In the planning phase, it is possible to view the planned object in 3D together with the customer. With this 3D data, it is possible to display the object directly on the construction site in the right place (as a hologram) and assemble it correctly. For example, components are faded in exactly where they need to be installed and can be easily checked during inspection. At the end, a documentation (pdf) can be created for further archiving. In this way, the entire process from CAD to assembly to the documentation process is automated. If one uses the continuous digital possibilities, the functionality comes directly to the aid of the user.


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project onsiteXR

The invisible becomes visible: whether on the construction site, in the production plant or in the operating room.

Project Onsite

project elementbau

Customized digital support for on-the-go employees who rely on hands-free work.

Project Elementbau

project behring

Complex processes are better understood in space and are therefore easier to control. ​

Project Behring

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Spatial digital models facilitate discussion and make teamwork more effective.

Project HoloPLANNING

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Questions that keep popping up: How do workflows become more efficient and how does XR make new business models possible? How can Mixed Reality be integrated into your work environment? How much does an AR Experience cost? How resource-intensive is the maintenance of the system?

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