Mixed reality: Agency from Switzerland develops individual apps

Mixed reality (MR) projects digital objects into the real environment. This technology provides companies with far-reaching opportunities, particularly when it comes to simplifying work processes, increasing work efficiency and visualizing projects. Mixed reality can be used across all industries. More and more companies are discovering the benefits of the technology for themselves and using it to secure advantages over their competitors.

Our mixed reality agency from Switzerland develops individual technologies from the fields of mixed reality, virtual reality and augmented reality. By integrating digital elements into reality, we make data and tools available exactly where they are needed.

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What is mixed reality?

Mixed reality (MR) is a combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Literally translated, mixed reality means "mixed reality". In order to make the mixture of augmented reality and virtual reality understandable, both terms should first be explained.

  • Augmented reality (AR) involves inserting digital objects into the real environment. This makes it possible, for example, to show e-commerce customers how a piece of furniture would look in their home before they buy it. However, the objects from AR are not firmly anchored in the real environment.

  • Virtual reality (VR) corresponds to a virtual reality in which people are completely isolated from their real surroundings. The real, physical environment is no longer visible. One example of the use of VR is the visualization of a property, where property developers can walk through the entire designed property on a digital tour in virtual space.

Mixed reality (MR) combines both functions by creating a fusion of the virtual and real worlds. Similar to augmented reality, digital elements are added to the real environment. However, in contrast to AR, these elements are not integrated arbitrarily in mixed reality, but are firmly anchored as in VR. The permanent placement of digital objects in real environments results in the high quality of mixed reality. The technology makes it possible, for example, to obtain information about a physical object in a warehouse simply by looking at it. This is because the databases are firmly anchored to the object and are displayed in the physical environment.

How does mixed reality work?

The implementation of mixed reality requires hardware and software. The hardware used is a mixed reality headset, through which real environments including digital objects can be viewed. The headset is equipped with transparent lenses and a camera. The hardware also requires a memory in which data records are stored that can be accessed.

In order to display digital objects, embed them correctly in the real world and enable interactions between the real and digital worlds, it is necessary to program corresponding applications that are installed on the required end devices.

MR, VR and AR apps can be installed on smartphones, PCs and other devices, for example, and fed with files. These are used to generate the digital objects that are displayed via the headset. By connecting to a cloud, the headset can access the information and then display the digital objects in the right place in reality.

Our mixed reality agency from Switzerland develops individual apps for our customers, who can then optimize their own work processes with tailor-made mixed reality solutions.

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Further services from our virtual reality and augmented reality agency

With our other services as a virtual reality and augmented reality agency, we offer our clients a wide range of options for using new technologies profitably. Augmented reality solutions can be used well for marketing purposes, for example, while virtual reality makes it possible to hold meetings and events with people from all over the world in a digital space and thus offer an attractive alternative to video meetings. We provide more information about our services in the areas of AR, VR and XR (extended reality) and the associated possibilities on our website:

Shaping the future with the help of our experts

Our mixed reality agency from Switzerland helps companies innovate by developing customized MR content with the right hardware and software. In view of the increasing competition in almost all industries and the high number of disruptive start-ups, it is crucial for companies of all kinds to be open to new technologies and use them profitably. We show the way.

Where is mixed reality used?

Our projects provide an insight into how diverse the areas of application for mixed reality are. These are four examples of how mixed realities have a positive impact on our customers' work:

  • Displaying files on real objects: With PlasMix, we have developed a solution consisting of virtual and augmented reality content in which employees can call up the required information and data records directly on the physical object. The object is viewed using mixed reality glasses and the files are displayed from an app.

  • Fastening construction elements and recording construction work carried out: In our OnSiteXR project, the employees of a timber construction company wear the headset while working. They can see the construction site and are shown the construction plan with 3D objects. This allows them to see where they need to attach individual construction elements.

  • Retrieving information on stock levels: For our Pick-by-View project, we have programmed an app that contains information on stock levels. The MR headsets are equipped with barcode scanners. After scanning the barcode, the headsets display the information directly in the area visible to warehouse workers.

  • Game for a financial institution: PostFinance commissioned us to develop the PiggyRun game to showcase its presence in the digital age. In the MR game, players can move a pig through the branch. Our work on this project shows that our developers are also capable of developing games for marketing purposes.

The areas of application described above are just a small selection of the scope that companies can achieve with the development and application of individual AR, VR and MR solutions. Even though AR, VR and MR have become known primarily in the gaming industry, their potential for use in professional areas is almost unlimited. Training courses, medical procedures before they are performed on patients, the organization of events and much more content can be implemented using AR, VR and MR.

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How our mixed reality agency from Switzerland provides support

Our agency in Switzerland advises all corporate clients individually. We get to know the needs, goals and ideas in order to develop MR solutions on this basis that give companies an edge over the competition and offer added value in other ways. We then put together a team and start developing customized applications. If required, we supplement or train our corporate clients' staff so that they can develop the right apps themselves through knowledge transfer.

What we offer:

  • Consulting

  • Development

  • Prototyping (MVP, POC, UX-Design, 3D-Models)

  • Integration/Architecture

  • Knowledge transfer/training

All the advantages of mixed reality at a glance

  • Mixing the real and virtual worlds: As a mixture of virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality offers the option of supplementing the real world with objects anchored in fixed locations. This provides diverse perspectives, especially when it comes to optimizing work processes.

  • Improved interaction: Although virtual reality also offers the option of interacting with digital elements, interaction is limited to virtual environments. The situation is different with mixed reality, which enables interaction with digital elements in the real world.

  • Wide range of applications: Whether in medicine, construction, architecture or any other field - mixed, virtual and augmented reality are helpful in innovating companies and work processes in any industry, provided the apps are developed individually.

  • Pioneering role: Despite increasing popularity, the use of mixed, virtual and augmented reality in professional areas is still innovative. Those who implement corresponding technologies in their business or marketing promptly will position themselves strongly against the competition.

The prospects arising from the use of AR, VR and MR are very promising. After contacting our mixed reality agency in Switzerland, we will provide detailed advice that will open up new avenues for companies with us as a partner at their side.

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