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We offer the right augmented reality solutions for every company. The use of augmented reality (AR) opens up the use of space to optimize work processes, to train employees and to support them and their work in space. A professional partner with comprehensive industry knowledge and extensive technical expertise is required to exploit these and other possibilities of augmented reality in the room. We are that partner. 

In the following, we provide information on augmented reality in general and also show how we support the implementation of the technology in companies.

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What does augmented reality mean?

Augmented reality (AR for short) is the addition of digital elements to the real, physical environment. The translation "augmented reality" aptly describes this situation.

Augmented reality opens up various new application possibilities, especially for people whose professional activities take place in space. For example, as an augmented reality agency from Switzerland, we support industrial customers in the optimization of production processes. Customers from industry, construction, education or medicine can use augmented reality applications to redesign their processes in a new and efficient way.


How does augmented reality work?

The real environment is expanded using end devices that have a camera. Digital elements are inserted into the environment on a device with a screen (e.g. smartphone or camera) or via AR glasses. These elements do not necessarily have to be 3D objects. It is also possible to play audiophile elements via a smartphone or other end device with a loudspeaker. In this case, the AR app uses sensors in the environment to recognize when a certain audio file should be played.

In addition to the hardware for integrating augmented reality content, integrating AR content into an environment also requires software that often works on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI). Our augmented reality agency from Switzerland programs individual AR applications for various end devices, helping customers to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently with modern technologies.

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What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

Virtual and augmented reality differ from each other in that virtual reality creates a new environment and the user is completely isolated from the real world using a headset, headphones and glasses. In contrast, an augmented reality app simply adds a few digital elements to the existing real space.

On our website, we provide more information about the other technologies that are used to expand or change reality. As an agency with comprehensive services and a broad team of developers, we also design virtual reality solutions and applications in the areas of mixed reality and extended reality. On the following pages we provide more detailed information:


The step into the future - with individual augmented reality

The development of modern solutions is essential in order to remain competitive and stay ahead of the competition. The present and the future demand constant innovation from companies. If you rest, you rust. Consumers expect the best possible user experience, and companies are dependent on enormous efficiency in their work processes. Augmented reality guarantees both and much more.

After making contact, we discuss with our prospects and customers how they can best use augmented reality in their company to their advantage.

Areas of application for augmented reality apps: Where is AR used?

Here are some examples of the professional areas in which augmented reality is used:

  • Maintenance and inspection: employees can have instructions on how to carry out maintenance and inspections displayed on AR glasses or a smartphone. Instead of having to search databases themselves, they can find the content they need straight away.
  • Logistics: Thanks to the quick access to data, logistics employees receive direct information on which shelf they can find the spare part they are looking for. This increases work efficiency and makes everyday work easier for employees.
  • Employee training: Learning and training modules can be integrated into AR. They are a useful addition to traditional learning methods and can be easily accessed by employees at any time. Employees can call up the data via AR glasses or smartphones, for example when they are working on a new task and need information.
  • E-commerce: Augmented reality apps can be used to offer customers the option of displaying pieces of furniture or other objects for sale as 3D models in their surroundings. This allows people to see what the couch or wardrobe looks like in their own living room even before they buy the items.

Probably the best-known apps for augmented reality are not professional applications, but Facebook's Metaverse and the AR app "Pokémon Go". In the Pokémon game, which was particularly popular in 2016, users hunted for digital elements that were shown on the smartphone display.

At afca., we specialize in developing AR apps that make work more efficient and successful. We take a completely individual approach to projects. After a consultation, we offer a comprehensive service in which we develop digital and innovative solutions in several iterations that fit perfectly into a wide variety of companies. We bring the desired information into the physical space, for which we have professional developers with extensive expertise.

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How our agency supports you with customized solutions

The needs of every company are just as diverse as the companies and their services. Our top priority is therefore to offer companies a tailor-made service. We ensure this by analyzing the current situation and requirements in discussions. Based on this, we develop an idea and technological approaches to offer companies the perfect solution. Together, we rethink processes and develop AR apps that offer absolute added value and help to achieve various goals. In addition to the complete and independent implementation of projects, we offer to strengthen existing teams on a selective basis. We also offer the sole transfer of knowledge and the training of employees.

Our offer:

  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Prototyping (MVP, POC, UX design, 3D models)
  • Integration/architecture
  • Knowledge transfer/training

All the advantages of augmented reality at a glance

  • Bringing information into the room: Employees, corporate customers and other people do not need the information on a piece of paper or in a database, but directly in the room - exactly where they want to use it. Augmented reality is a technology that makes information available on site in the form of 3D objects or audio files.

  • Increasing efficiency and simplifying processes: This advantage results from the fact that AR brings information into rooms. Because people can access content more quickly and the content displayed is usually absolutely accurate, efficiency increases and processes are simplified.
  • Diverse areas of application: From training to marketing to process optimization, the possibilities for using the technology are wide-ranging. The benefits of the technology can be maximized in companies with individually programmed applications for augmenting reality. Our AR agency shows the way to maximize added value.
  • Be an early adopter: Those who seize the opportunity now and use AR for themselves will in all likelihood gain an important head start in AR over the competition in their industry. This head start can translate into increased brand awareness, higher sales figures and further success over the competition.

The advantages sound convincing? The prospects arouse curiosity? Then please contact our Swiss agency for AR. AR is the future, and companies can help shape it now.

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