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Warm up game for accident prevention

Suva's augmented reality app "Warm-up" helps skiers and snowboarders to warm up optimally before their first ride to avoid injuries. It takes place on the smartphone in the real environment. A central function of the app is a game in which users can experience a virtual snowball fight and free Wendy Holdener's avatar figure from evil ice gnomes. In this way, users warm up through play, either as individual players or in a group challenge. The project was executed in collaboration with Apptiva.

Project goals

  • Motivation to warm up before the first ride
  • Reduction of the risk of injury
  • Improvement of movement control
  • Playful encouragement to warm up
  • Raising awareness of the importance of warming up and safety awareness.

Benefit: App integration and promotion campaign

  • Integration and linking with existing app (Suva Slope Track)
  • Playful, attractive promotion campaign for accident prevention
  • Awareness raising and sensitization
  • Target group expansion

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