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XARA – XR Dialog Trainer

XARA is a customised dialogue simulator based on artificial intelligence and integrated with OpenAI (GPT-4). The application enables realistic and dynamic dialogues. Scenarios and characters can be customised without restriction via the XARA web platform. Thanks to the use of AI, every conversation takes a different course, with the virtual characters responding individually to the user's questions. This enables an interactive and realistic simulation of conversations. The application is accessible both as a VR and AR application and via a web UI.


  • AI-based speech processing (GPT-4)
  • User-defined dialogues
  • Unique, individualised conversation history
  • Valuable training experiences and spontaneous reactions 
  • Choice of different avatars
  • Available on three platforms (AR/VR/Web)
  • Downloadable conversation protocols

Scenarios and characters

Scenarios and characters/roles can be freely defined in the Xara web platform. Individual guidelines, CVs, minutes of old conversations can serve as the basis for developing a scenario. Examples of current scenarios: 

  • Recruitment: Practical simulations for effective application management.
  • Conflict dialogue: Targeted training for dealing with conflict situations.
  • Notice of dismissal: Sensitive practice of employee dismissals for professional communication.
  • Open questions: Promoting critical thinking and spontaneous reactions through open dialogues.

Benefits: Adaptability, diversity and efficiency

  • Adaptability to the course of the conversation promotes flexible communication skills.
  • Personalised scenarios enable targeted training for specific professional requirements.
  • The uniqueness of each conversation strengthens self-confidence and the ability to react spontaneously.
  • The variety of roles creates a stimulating and motivating learning environment.
  • Protocol documentation enables efficient learning and improves job performance.
  • Endless possibilities for new roles maximise the investment in training and increase the benefit to the organisation.

Next Steps

  • RAG system: Use data from websites, documents, etc. for personalisation
  • Use speech recognition/multilingual voices
  • Select custom models (GPT-3.5, GPT 4, Mistral)

Customer feedback


"XARA was born out of the desire to practise staff appraisals: A ready-to-use product that realistically simulates interviews in virtual environments. Using the XARA web platform, we were able to create customised interview scenarios on the topics of recruitment, conflict and dismissal. The dialogues move within the framework of the scenarios - but adapt dynamically to the course of the conversation. With XARA, we are creating a further training programme at the University of St. Gallen. At the same time, we are conducting research as part of a study on learning communication skills with XARA in virtual environments."

Laura Rotheichner

IT Service Manager M365, University of St. Gallen | PhD Candidate Psychology, FernUni Switzerland

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